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How to Earn Money Using Writing Articles

How to Earn Money Using Writing Articles

Hey Viewers How are you All Today? I hope all are well. So Today I will write how to make money writing articles or blogging. If you want money use amount so I will recommend you you can choose this blogging or content writing because all the website owner now at the time earn huge amount using blogging or content writing so let's start our topic and mean more amount so you can stay our full post.

When you can start to write you the knowledge and share on your website you can first create a website how to make a free website just you can watch video on youtube because some of the people create video how to make a free website using some free platform.

You can use this and easily make a website and then create a domain and hosting I hope first you can invest up to 20$ then your website is ready and start your writing and you can make money writing articles very easily.

Fond Any Writing Topic

Then I hope your website is ready then you must create some pages on your website there are About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy you can create this pages on your website because all people or all the website visitor first check this pages then they are hoping your website is trusted so you can create this pages some of the people talk about on this is important pages on your website. 

Some Of the people these pages all content generate some website and then full copy and past on your website. So you don't follow this option because this is a bad option and plagiarism content. This content on your website doesn't rank google the first page. So you can follow this step. I am sure you can make money writing articles

Make Money Writing Articles

How to Make Money Writing Articles

When Your website is ready then you will write huge content and long content up to 5000 words publish your website because google follows all support this content whose content is long. So you can write long content and place some keywords because people are searching on google on which keyword. 

Then your website has this keyword google understands your website is what related and when people are searching on google then they are watching your website and they are read your content. You can Placement some ads on your content if your content up to 2 thousand words you can place 3-4 ads on your content don't use many or another ad.

How to Get Your Website Ads Code

Sone people use google ads because google is one of the trusted websites in the world because most people use google and they are set ads on google so I will recommend you. You can use only google ads. some of the people who use this earn a huge amount when your website has huge visitors then your earning is a get amount. 

So you can want affiliate marketing you can use some website and earn huge amount. As your choice so I think you can use both systems and earn a 2x Amount and you can make money writing articles. 

Thanks for ucco24 you can learn more earning related or technology related more video you can visit our website and learn more knowledge and share your friend or create a website share on your own website. We are making a category on the website a to z this category has all information on website so you can stay our website and share your friend thanks you very much, everybody.

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