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What is SEO Keyword Analysis


What is Keyword Analysis

The Keyword is the main Part of SEO For that, it will not be possible to rank the post without researching the keywords of the desired post before writing a post on a topic.

Because you have to do keyword research to know about the keywords of the post you are going to write about, people search on other search options including Google and others also, and how much is searched on that your finding topic every month. 

If you write an article with your desired keyword, there is no alternative you can but to do keyword research to know which blog's website will compete with you and what you need to do to rank that post. Use only low difficulty keywords.

Usually, when we write an article in your website use keyword-only 4 or 5time because more use keywords when you use google find you are spam so be careful full your post writing. All the posts first link submit google search console then google find your website very easily.

What is Keyword Analysis?

The keyword is a word or a sentence consisting of  4 or 5 words. Simply put, keywords are what we search for more search options, including Google. Google rank using blog keyword. Because we use low difficulty keywords to find something online.

How do keywords work?

Ioam trying to suggest this part with examples. Suppose you are writing an article about Samsung Galaxy S9 Mobile. Learn also How to Niche Selection, In this case, you can be must share a detailed post about the price and accessories of the mobile and other products highlighting its pros and cons, as well as all the features. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be your main or targeted keyword for that post. In that post, your main job will be to highlight all the issues of the Samsung Galaxy S9 well.

In this case, when a person searches Google or other search engines by typing Samsung Galaxy S9, the search engine will first check all the posts about Samsung Galaxy S9 all data and all information use rank on the google of the search engine. 

In this way, What is Keyword Analysis this search engine determines the ranking on the keyword of a post through keywords.

What is Keyword Analysis?

Assuming you write a post about Samsung Galaxy S9. Before writing this post, you need to know which keywords (topics) of Samsung Galaxy S9 people are searching online or what topics they want to know. 

In this case, a person can usually use this search online by typing the price of the mobile, release date, and other accessories.

Before writing a post, what are the keywords used to search with your all the keyword Samsung Galaxy S9 using different keyword tools, how many searches are done in a month 

if you can write with that keyword, whether you can rank, what to do how to rank keyword, White keyword uses all the people and search google and other also.

Why is it important seo to do keyword research?

First of all, you find to do some best keywords to know what kind of keywords are searched online by googling some tool related to the topic you are posting. Second, when you find to do keyword research to find out best how much is searched online by typing that keyword. 

Thirdly, if you write an article with that keyword, you must do keyword research to get ideas about whether you can rank, who will compete with your article, what to do to rank your website post, how to post, etc. What is Keyword Analysis

How to do  Keyword Analysis?

There are many tools have on online for keyword research and SEO optimization. To do good keyword research, you have taken to the help of tools. Because it is not possible to do full final keyword research without tools. Almost all of the good quality keyword has only paid tools available online are paid. Without money, it is not possible to do full keyword research using those free tools.

If you can afford to spend money, I will suggest you use paid tools for keyword research. But if you don't have the money or time, You can use Google Keyword Planner this is free can help you get a good idea about keyword research and CPC also for free.

If you want to use SEO tools for the money you can use this keyword teacher tool this is free for some search for every day.

1. Ahrefs.

2. Semrush.

3. Moz.

4. KWFinder.

5. Reveller

If you want to use this keyword research tool at the expense of money, you must use the Ahrefs tool. I have used all four tools myself. Here are four great SEO tools. But I am sure the Ahrefs tool Semrush is better for What is Keyword Analysis

How to do keyword research for free?

You can use these tools for ree first visit this website and click on the signup button then email confirmation then your research is ready for free every day.

How to do keyword research for free?

Recently created by popular best webmaster Neil Patel. So far it is going to this website used for free. However, if you want to do Bangla keyword research using some other website it is not possible. It is the best for easy to do English low difficulty keyword research. Although this research tool is free, it has almost all of the best use and all kinds of features and learn more What is SEO

Free keyword research with the best Ubersuggest tool for keyword and CPC finder. As you can see in the image above this is the Ubersuggest tool that contains almost everything you need for keyword research. Here I just took a screenshot. 

Some Part from, these research tools have numerous features. In the future, I will share a complete tutorial on keyword research with this tool. Sure You understand What is Keyword Analysis.

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