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8 New Important Security Tips for Android


8 New Important Security Tips for Android

Security is very important for using your android system. Now all bad people want important data and start harassment. So you can must serious about using your android device. We write all-important security for using your android mobile. You can follow all information because all topics are very helpful for you.

The number of Android users in the world is much higher. We all store all kinds of important information on our Android phones. But sometimes this information gets into the hands of hackers through security breaches. But once you think about how it goes? If you are a little careful, it will be difficult for hackers to break through your security. So let's know how to increase the security of Android.

Let's Start Our Security Tips

We give you all the best and very important for using our daily life. First, write an important point then we write point-wise all information for your better understanding.

1. Create Strong Passwords.

We all use social media and others websites. Because social media is the best communication system using your device. Hackers hack the passwords of Facebook, Gmail, online bank accounts, etc. in various processes, especially through the weak security of the users. One of which is the process of brute force. In case your password is predictable, your password will easily get into their hands through brute force. Examples of some strong passwords: Morsu & @ 1, Kabin # $ 6 that's a great and powerful password. If you want to make it more powerful, you must use a 12 to 15 digit complex password.

2. Don't Install Apps From Outside The Play Store

In the case of downloading software, do not download from any external source. Must download from Play Store. In this case, no virus or the bad program will enter your phone. Because all the software in the Play Store is verified through Play Protect.

3. Install & Activate Find My Device App

From the Google Play Store Find My Device Install the software and keep it active so that you can track the location of your phone even if it is lost, send phone notifications, delete everything on the phone. You must follow all these topics.

4. Regular Security Patch Updates

Android phone comes with different types of updates. Such as Android update, UI update, security patch update. Many people do not give security patch updates. In this case, you will update the security patch of the phone as soon as the update comes. This will make the security of your phone more powerful.

5. USB Connection Alert

It is often seen that if our phone is not charged and we go somewhere far away, we charge any USB cable. In this case, caution must be exercised. If you want any permission after inserting only, select only charging the only option. In this case, your data will not be likely to be stolen.

Caution in Giving App Permission

6. Caution in Giving App Permission.

The most important thing is app permission. When we open any software after installing it, different types of permissions are required. Such as phone call permission, video permission, storage permission, microphone permission, location permission, etc. For example, after installing a calendar app, he opened it, and then he saw that the app wants camera permission, microphone permission. Then it must be done. If necessary, you have to install the software. Because that software is definitely made for the purpose of harm.

7. Refrain From Using Free Wifi

Nowadays we see free wifi when we go to different places. Then many of us connect to Wi-Fi and browse the internet. But have you ever asked yourself what is the main reason for giving him the opportunity to use free WiFi? Maybe through that WiFi, a lot of your important and confidential information can go into the hands of that provider. I think it's better not to use the free wifi.

8. Unnecessarily Keep WiFi & Bluetooth Off

Do not turn on WiFi and Bluetooth at the end of the need. Because of these, it is very easy for someone else to hack your data and even insert a virus or malicious program into your phone. Because this is very sensitive for your android device. So you can try to stop wifi and Bluetooth then you can safe and also safe your device.

I hope this android tips all information is very helpful for your android device. If you want to safe your device you can follow our all topics. If you follow all information and work this way then you can sure your device is safe for any virus and others also.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading our new important security tips for android and write also topics if you want to know all topics just visit our website and learn new information. If you have any question about any article you can contact us we solve your problem thanks and regards.

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