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6 Most Important Apps for Your Android Phones


6 Important Apps for Your Android Phones

Hello our visitors, I hope everybody is very well. This article is very helpful for you. All of the software is very important for you. So I collected the link from within the app, since the referral program of the talk app was not launched so I shared the link accordingly, Because there is no referral from the link.

 one is benefited from posting on ucco24 but people can read their writings and learn something new and get people's love. That's why those who have authors in ucco24 do not post in the hope of any benefit.

Anyway, today I will write about 6 important apps for Android phones. I will not talk about any apps that are commonly used here but I will share with you the apps that are used by very few people but are very important and useful apps. So let's get started.

Software Number 1:

The first app on the list is called Google Lens.
This is an app that allows you to search for anything with photos or you have something whose name you don't know, you don't even know what it does.
If you take a picture of it and search through this Google lens, you will know the name of the thing and you will get various information. You can also search for more related photos with any photo.

Software Number 2:

The name of the 3rd app in our list is Notification History Log, many times the notification is cut off from us. Later it seems that these were very important notifications to us. So this app will give you the solution. If you forget to cut off a notification, you will find that notification inside this app. 

This means that this app will store all the notifications that come to your phone. 
This app will work a lot like a computer recycle bin. You can use this software very easy way. All apps are very good for your use.

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Software Number 3:

The fourth app on our list is called Shazam. Suppose a song is playing next to you or you are watching a video on Facebook and a song is played in the middle of the video and you don't know the name of that song or you can't find the background music in the video which has background music. The song will help you find that song.

If you open the app and play the song on your phone or anywhere along with it running in the background, then the name of the song will show this app and also the link to YouTube.

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Software Number 4:

The fifth app on our list is called Tile Shortcut. Our phone has a variety of shortcuts in the notification panel, such as mobile data, flashlight, WiFi, auto-rotate, including a variety of shortcuts so that we can easily access it. We cannot shortcut any app in the notification panel.

If you want, you can use this app from any app shortcut in your notification panel. You will be able to easily access that app later. If you want, you can put your most-used pin in this shortcut.

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Software Number 5:

The sixth app on our list is called Google Keep. I am currently writing this article on this app. We usually have to take notes a lot of the time. We save a lot of our daily necessities in Notepad, including many large texts or various documents in our class. Google Keep can be an alternative choice for your Notepad. 

Because whatever you type in Google Keep will be automatically saved. Your text will not be deleted or lost later. You can also convert your text to a PDF or Docs file if you wish.

Software Number 6:

The 7th app on our list is called Muslim Day. This can be a very useful app for those who are Muslims. I think every Muslim should have it on their phone because this app has a whole package of Islam. This app will give you one Hadith notification every day, the app will give you the schedule of prayers, Ramadan Sehri and Iftar schedule, prayers teaching and recitation of the whole Quran along with the meaning and recitation. The size of this app is only 6 MB. This is the best mobile app.

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I hope you can understand all topics and all apps are very helpful for you. If you want any help you can comment below on this article. We solve your question. We are very helpful. So thanks for visiting our website and read our article. Thanks for reading this important app for android phone article.

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